What if you could ethically steal a successful business and get paid on every sale WITHOUT risking a dollar of your own money...
  •  NO ADS
  •  NO RISK
There’s a reason why Mr. Wonderful signs deals like this on national television...
This strategy has been used since the 1849 California Gold Rush...
The smart one’s didn’t mine for gold, they sold to the miners. 
I’m going to show you how to make a living feeding off entrepreneurs, instead of being one. 

It’s not only ethical they’re asking for it…EVERYWHERE.
And don’t worry...

I’ll show you exactly where to look to find hungry, ready to buy “customers” later...

Although you can’t really call them customers.
If I did it all over again I wouldn’t have started my own business first... 
Sure... now I have all these awards, over 100 employees, have been featured on these major publications, and spoken in front of 1000s of people.
But it didn’t start that way.
Look at this car….

This is the car I lived in because I made a stupid mistake chasing dreams. 

Following advice from people only selling advice.
Entrepreneurship slapped me in the face so many times I wanted to quit. It threw me in the ditch and wouldn’t let me out…

Until I went all in on one skill. Something that requires little to no capital and comes with ZERO-RISK. 
These business industries are exploding right now and they all need this…
I learned this a long time ago.

When everyone else is following the herd...

You feed them.

Remember: the smart ones made a living selling to the miners, not risking their family hoping to strike gold.
Humans instinctively flock towards new opportunities.

And those new opportunities are often inflated or imagined. That’s one of the secret reasons behind the catastrophic financial crash in ‘08.

Everyone wants to strike it rich and mine for gold, until the bubble pops...and that’s why opportunity seekers fail.

So instead of starting something new, and risking your future (...or your family’s future) learn how to sell your skills...
  • WITHOUT a W2 
  • WITHOUT a boss
  • WITHOUT driving to the office
  •  WITHOUT risk of owning a business
Pay Attention. This is what MOST billionaires learned BEFORE starting a business.
Mark Cuban learned this BEFORE he saw “success” as an entrepreneur.

But he rarely ever talks about what he did before he starred on Shark Tank...
Before he owned the Mavericks and before he started a single business.
I’m not asking you to be a Mark Cuban, Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos, or even be like me. 

But I want to show you what they did BEFORE risking it all on a business.
...follow the career path of Billionaires in today's social media economy.
This is something I call the WEALTH TRIANGLE.

After studying the lives of billionaires I realized they didn’t start as entrepreneurs.
Building a business was NEVER step one.
First they all learned certain skills that would help them achieve two things
1. Financial confidence -- these skills pay top dollar so they could feel secure RIGHT AWAY…

2. Mental Equity -- learning a high-income skill that could never become obsolete and easily adapt to any market
And today’s internet driven economy it’s the easiest and NO-RISK alternative to starting your own business.

In that order.

So you don’t have to live with the agony of bankruptcy and losing everything like most entrepreneurs do.

That’s the cold hard truth no guru will tell you.

And it’s investing in YOU not some crazy OPPORTUNITY. 

Something they can never take from you.
THIS is the most in-demand, HIGH-INCOME skill right now...
And it doesn’t even require a college degree.

It’s been around before computers, before the internet, before cars, and before the industrial revolution.

Over 60% of the world's billionaires, including Mark Cuban acquired it at a VERY early age.

1000s of books have been written about it...

But the skill alone won’t do you any good. 

The secret is in how you apply it... 

Who needs it... 

And why...
It’s Called High-Ticket Closing

Traditional sales methods no longer work today because everyone wants transparency, authenticity, and NEEDS to be heard.

And companies don’t value sales either...
“The traditional practice of sales as a business discipline has become at best ineffective, and in many cases flat out obsolete.” - Forbes
And the good news is if you’re shy, you barely have to talk. Because the secret to closing BIG deals is to LISTEN...

Ask the right questions, and take notes...

The opportunity isn’t in “sales”.

It’s in closing, and closing for the right businesses.
Businesses who have shifted from selling $27…$97...even $297 products to sell $3k…$5k...even $25k packages.

And that’s where you come in.
Successful business owners are searching everywhere for people who have this one skill...
High-ticket closing is in HIGH DEMAND.

And it's a skill you’ll have forever.

A skill that can easily adapt to any economy

That can adapt to a recession, AI, or flying cars.

And right now to get started you need to fit a certain criteria... 

Criteria I just can’t get out of a survey or asking you to fill out a few questions.

So on the next page I’m going to give you the opportunity to apply to learn this high-income skill with us.

Because I know the majority of the world just won’t fit the criteria we’re looking for. 

And just like the marines we need to protect our name.

Those who we back, send business, and certify.

So if you think you fit the bill, apply.

And if you TRULY want to invest in yourself and learn a high income skill...
Not only will you learn this high-income skill, you’ll learn how to sell yourself…
You see it all the time. 

Employees are afraid to ask for a raise. People taking salary cuts. Others simply can’t get the job.

Because they don’t know how to sell themselves.

Sure you need to have this skill. Sure you need to find people looking for this skill. 

But you also need to know HOW to sell it.

And for our “Marine core”. 

The select few that we teach this skill. 

We’ll also guide them on HOW to sell it.

That’s the key that college graduates NEVER learn.
Really, You’d Risk Your Family’s Future On a 10% chance Instead of Building True Wealth and Consistent Income First?
With this…
  • You NEVER have to hope they’ll buy from you.
  • You NEVER have to hope leads will fill your pipeline.
  • You NEVER have to hope the product will sell.
That’s already done FOR you.

It’s like you’re the Uber driver and the only thing you need to do is take “passengers” they send you from point a to point b.
It’s the only way to real freedom WITHOUT taking on the huge risk of entrepreneurship.

Especially the ones run by broke wantrepreneurs with fake Lambos like...
  • Dropshipping
  • Crypto
  • MLMs
  •  Agencies
  •  Social Media Marketing
...if only you can see their bank accounts and massive amounts of credit card debt. 
I’ll admit it. 
I was an easy button, opportunity-seeking junky too. And that stupid mentality forced me to sleep in that White Ford Escort Sedan with 150,000 miles on it. 
REMEMBER: This isn’t a business opportunity.

I made so many stupid mistakes starting out and the biggest one was letting gurus get to me.

Grab my emotions and use them against me.

They were really good at SELLING things but terrible at delivering. 

Everything they taught me never worked.

But that makes sense right?

If it really worked they probably wouldn’t be there selling all their secrets. That’s why I’ll never sell you on entrepreneurship.

Because if I kept trying to build a business, I’d still be living inside that White Ford Escort.

Luckily I snapped out of it and learned a HIGH-INCOME SKILL and found people that needed it BAD. 
  • In 2019...2020...2047
  • After the rise of AI
  • After robots takeover cleaning jobs. 
  •  ..and even in a recession
Because you know the recession WILL come, right?

And you don’t want a skill that will drown with the ship.

 You want a skill that floats while everyone else around you sinks.
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